The BMF Awards Nominations and Voting Categories.

Outfit of the Year (vote)

This award recognizes the fashion consumers who wish to showcase their best/favorite outfits. This category is open to all and will be judge via open poll voting.

Suit of the Year (vote)

Do you believe that your choices in blazers and slacks come second to none? Our suit of the year category will recognize the best styles of 2020-2021. This category will be open to all and will be judged via open poll voting

Brand of the Year (Judged)

This award recognizes stylists and fashion entrepreneurs alike. This category will have judges with knowledge in the fashion business. Nominations will be subject to approval after the application is completed and submitted.

Most Fashionable of the Year

This award recognizes the people who have consistently wowed their circle of friends with their outfits this entire year. Those who wish to nominate themselves must 3-5 photos in a collage

Best Dressed Youth and Teen

This award recognizes the young minds interested in fashion. This category is open to all ages 12-18.

Trendsetter of the Year (vote)

This category recognizes the social media tycoons with a knack for winning people over with their smiles, style, or personality.

Best New Stylist (Judge)

This award showcases and awards the brightest new minds the wish to pursue fashion entrepreneurship. This category will include Judged by those knowledgeable in the fashion business. Nominations will be subject to approval after the application is completed and submitted.

Community Role Model

This award aims to recognize the people who are looking to make a positive difference in their communities. Nominations are subject to approval and will be judged upon discretion.

Social Media Personality of the Year

Community Role Model

Who Can Be Nominated for the BMF Awards?

The BMF Awards is a unique celebration that recognizes excellence and honors the invaluable contributions in various fields of business, non-profit organizations, schools, sports clubs, community groups, or industrial corporations. The BMF Awards is designed to give the public an opportunity to nominate a colleague, church member, or co-worker for recognition due to exemplary work, effort, or other reasons by filling out and submitting their nomination.

IMPORTANT: Nominations does not guarantee your place as an honoree. Nominations are viewed and judged by a panel of peers selected by the BMF Awards committee.

Who Can Nominate

Anyone can nominate an individual or organization that’s experienced the outstanding work of a potential honoree, which includes small businesses, non-profit organizations, community groups, or corporations.

If you have any questions regarding potential Nominees’ eligibility, please contact us at for more information.

The Entry Process for the BMF Awards

How to Enter

All nominations are submitted via our awards platform which can be accessed here on our website. Once the online entry form has been completed, nominees will receive an email notification that they’ve been nominated for a BMF Award nomination and by whom.

Tips for Successful Entry

Please keep in mind that your nomination of the BMF Awards is the only information the judges will have when evaluating the nominee. Please ensure nominations are complete and detailed. And don’t forget to spread the word to other potential nominators of your Nominee. The more information our judges have on your Nominee, the better!

Get Involved in the 2021 Inaugural BMF Awards

The inaugural BMF 2021 Awards will be a multi-day experience extended to a global audience and will feature virtual performances by artists, interviews with innovative guests, informative, inspiring, and uplifting podcasts and judged competitions of professionals, experts, and influencers across the United States.

Become a Sponsor

The Black Men in Fashion Awards mission is to recognize and showcase the bright minds of African American Fashion Stylists, Clothing consumers, and people who are making a difference in their respective communities.